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Course Files


The section mentioned below is reserved for students attending our courses but here is an example for you to view:

Example Course files - available on Group Spaces

Once enrolled on any of our courses you will receive a course link where all your course files will be added as you progress. You will also be notified of any updates on existing files, or new files added.



Mock Exams


These will be added to your Group Spaces group at an appropriate time during your course.  They will be uploaded to the "Exams & Assignments" folder.





Practical assessments and Viva's for both level 3 and level 4 will take place during the final days of practical training and the fee is included in your initial course fee. To apply for a retake please download, complete and return the Practical Application Form below.


Theoretical examination days occur three times in each year (February, June & October), please see course calendar for up and coming dates.  


To apply to sit an exam please download the appropriate form below, complete and return to this office to  arrive at least 21 days prior to your chosen examination date.  To be eligible to take the examination you need to have completed all of your practical training and be within the course completion timeframe.  Applications will be acknowledged within 4 working days.


Practical Application Form                             Theory Application Form



Policy Documents


Policy Documents



Learning Resources


Learning Resources...