Corona-virus and training
at Sports Therapy UK

23rd March 2020.

It is clear the gravity of the situation globally and here in the UK is growing. We are all now aware of the immediate ramifications, but also some of the wider implications as we move further on. Inevitably these will increase before things start to get better, and one question everyone is searching for an answer to is ‘when?’ I am not even going to begin debating or trying to guess the answer to this as this would be quite futile. We are therefore preparing for a lengthy period of a national ‘shut-down’ the extent of which is bound to vary from week to week. We will look forward to when the time is right for us to offer practical training here in Hertford and to welcome you back, but we will only do this when the government and the W.H.O. deem it is safe for all concerned.

In the meantime, we will be doing all we can to support you and help you progress your learning in spite of the obvious limitations we are all facing. We recognise the added anxieties everyone will be dealing with over the coming weeks so we will be working hard to help reduce these with regards to your training with Sports Therapy UK. Here are some of the steps we will be taking:

Marking time for assignments:

We are diverting some of our teaching resources to reduce this as far as possible. We will keep you informed of how long to expect before receiving work back.

Practical training:

Where possible we will be recording more instructional videos to substitute the direct contact you would normally have with us. We are assessing each stage of training reached and how much going forward may be substituted by online instruction. We will liaise accordingly with each group to help you progress and will advise you of any variations in the level of direct contact required to complete your course. This will also involve us seeking approval from VTCT. Our aim remains to deliver the highest standards of tuition and to help you become both competent and confident in your professional capacity.


We are exploring all options for online delivery and will use the most appropriate medium for each tutorial. We will notify each group as we create and make them accessible for you.


As we will not have the normal interaction with you, we will be using conference calls, skype, WhatsApp, emails, etc to directly support both groups and individuals.


We will distribute general news via newsletter, Facebook and would urge you to access and read these sources. We will try to generate interesting news and extra-curricular activities to help you through this period, plus tips on how you can interact with your clients.

Rescheduled Practical Training:

There will be a need to reschedule practical training dates. We will do this when we can be a little more confident that any revised dates have a greater chance of going ahead. I realise this doesn’t help when it comes to planning ahead and we would love to reschedule with confidence but that is simply not possible at the moment. We will keep you informed as things change.

Please make sure you continue to read all emails sent to you, and check the announcements posted on Canvas; these will be updated as frequently as necessary and we hope will provide answers to questions most of you are asking.

We look forward to staying in touch with you and wish you well.

Level 3 VTCT Sports Massage Online Course Instructions


All Course Dates



Level 3:  Sports Massage



1 Day Introduction to Sports Massage(see course webpage)
Introduction to Sports Massage
2020 Mar 28  Online Only      
2020 May 1  Online Only      
2020 June 5        
4 Weekends - (see course webpage)   
L3 Sports Massage
Weekends  WE 1 WE 2 WE 3 WE 4  
2020 Jan 25-26 Feb 15-16 Mar 14-15 Apr 18-19           
2020 Feb 15-16 Mar 14-15 Apr 4-5 May 2-3  
2020 Apr 18-19 May 9-10 Jun 6-7 Jul 4-5  
2020 May 23-24 Jun 20-21 Jul 18-19 Aug 15-16  
2020 Jul 11-12 Aug 1-2 Sept 5-6 Oct 10-11  
  London Marathon Oct 4      
2020 Sept 19-20 Oct 10-11 Nov 7-8 Dec 12-13  
5 Days Intensive + 3 Days - (see course webpage)
L3 Sports Massage
   Part A Part B      
2020 Jan 13-17


Apr 15-17 

(Weekday only)     
2020 Feb 10-14

May 6-8

(Weekday only)     
2020 Mar 9-13 June 12-14  FULL COURSE    
2020 Apr 20-24 Jul 15-17 (Weekday only)     
2020 May 11-15 Aug 14-16      
2020 Jun 22-26 Sept 23-25 (Weekday only)     
2020 Jul 20-24 Oct 16-18 (Weekday only)     
   London Marathon Oct 4      
2020 Aug 17-21 Nov 20-22    
2020 Sept 7-11 Dec 9-11 (Weekday only)     
Study Day - for L3 & L4 Sports Massage students      
2020  Postponed       

For Examination Dates please see below.

Progress to Level 4: upon successfully completing Level 3 training. 

Level 4: Sports Massage


Weekend Courses - (see course webpage)

   WE 1   WE 2  WE 3  WE 4 WE 5 Assessments  
 2020  Jan 4-5  Feb 8-9  Mar 7-8  Apr 4-5  May 9-10  May 31  
 2020  May 16-17  Jun 20-21  Jul 18-19  Aug 8-9  Sept 12-13  Oct 3  
 2020  Sept 19-20  Oct 17-18  Nov 14-15  Dec 5-6  Jan 16-17 (2021)  Feb 7  



Modular Courses - comprising 4 (weekday) modules + 1 Assessment Day (see course webpage)


  Mod 1 Mod 2 Mod 3 Assessments  
2020 Feb 3-6 Mar 30 - Apr 2  May 27-28 May 29  
2020 Apr 27-30 Jun 15-18 Aug 3-4 Aug 5  
2020 Oct 5-8 Nov 23-26 Jan 11-12 (2021) Jan 13  
Study Day - for L3 & L4 Sports Massage students      
2020 Mar 23 - postponed        


For Examination Dates please see below.


Progress to Higher Diploma in Sports Therapy: upon successfully completing Level 4 training.


Level 5: Sports Massage


(see course webpage)


 2020  Level 5  VTCT Sports Massage
 Jan 18-19  Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques
 Feb 22-23  Sports Injuries Lower Body
 Apr 18-19  Introduction to Gait Analysis - Postponed to August 2020: see below
 May 15-17  Neuro-Spinal Assessment & Treatment
 T.B.A.  Sports Injuries Upper Body
 By Arrangement  Individual Clinical Assessment
 Jun 05  Level 5 Sports Massage Course Enrolment Deadline
Jun 29-30  Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques
 Aug 8-9  Gait Analysis
 Sept 26-27  Sports Injury Assessment - Lower Body
 T.B.A.  Neuro-Spinal Assessment & Treatment
 T.B.A.  Sports Injuries Upper Body
   Individual Clinical Assessment



 2020  Higher Diploma in Sports Therapy 
 Jun 11-12  Taping for Sport
 July 4-6  Injury Rehabilitation & Exercise Therapy
 Nov 28-31  Injury Rehabilitation & Exercise Therapy
 By arrangement  Clinical Assessment




Level 5 Award: These modules may be studied individually as CPD, or combined and credited towards our Higher Diploma in Sports Therapy Award.




CPD Courses


Mar  23
L3 and L4 Study Day  Postponed      
 3 Exercise Advice & Assisted Stretching      
   3 First Aid in Sport & Exercise  Online Only    
   18-19 Gait Analysis  Postponed to August 2020: see below   
May  2-3 Myofascial Release  Postponed to August 2020: see below    
   15-17 Neuro-Spinal Assessment & Treatment        
   18 First Aid in Sport & Exercise        
June  11-12 Taping for Sport        
   29-30 Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques        
July  4-6 Injury Rehabiliation and Exercise Therapy        
   11-12 Dry Needling I        
   15-16 Back Rehabilitation        
Aug  1-2 Myofascial Release        
   8-9 Gait Analysis        
Sept  26-27 Sports Injury Assessment - Lower Body        
   12-13 Dry Needling I        
   14-16 Medical Acupuncture & Dry Needling (Mod II)        
Oct  4 London Marathon        
Nov  28-31 Injury Rehabilitation & Exercise Therapy        

Examinations: Level 3 and Level 4


IMPORTANT: Please note these are for resits only. All first attempts are scheduled within their respective courses.

Exam Dates

Final Submission Date

19 April 2020 27 March 2020
31 May 2020 8 May 2020
26 July 2020 3 July 2020
27 October 2020 2 October 2020
24 January 2021 2 January 2021


 * Please note students may apply any time up to and including the final submission date shown.