Corona-virus and training
at Sports Therapy UK

23rd March 2020.

It is clear the gravity of the situation globally and here in the UK is growing. We are all now aware of the immediate ramifications, but also some of the wider implications as we move further on. Inevitably these will increase before things start to get better, and one question everyone is searching for an answer to is ‘when?’ I am not even going to begin debating or trying to guess the answer to this as this would be quite futile. We are therefore preparing for a lengthy period of a national ‘shut-down’ the extent of which is bound to vary from week to week. We will look forward to when the time is right for us to offer practical training here in Hertford and to welcome you back, but we will only do this when the government and the W.H.O. deem it is safe for all concerned.

In the meantime, we will be doing all we can to support you and help you progress your learning in spite of the obvious limitations we are all facing. We recognise the added anxieties everyone will be dealing with over the coming weeks so we will be working hard to help reduce these with regards to your training with Sports Therapy UK. Here are some of the steps we will be taking:

Marking time for assignments:

We are diverting some of our teaching resources to reduce this as far as possible. We will keep you informed of how long to expect before receiving work back.

Practical training:

Where possible we will be recording more instructional videos to substitute the direct contact you would normally have with us. We are assessing each stage of training reached and how much going forward may be substituted by online instruction. We will liaise accordingly with each group to help you progress and will advise you of any variations in the level of direct contact required to complete your course. This will also involve us seeking approval from VTCT. Our aim remains to deliver the highest standards of tuition and to help you become both competent and confident in your professional capacity.


We are exploring all options for online delivery and will use the most appropriate medium for each tutorial. We will notify each group as we create and make them accessible for you.


As we will not have the normal interaction with you, we will be using conference calls, skype, WhatsApp, emails, etc to directly support both groups and individuals.


We will distribute general news via newsletter, Facebook and would urge you to access and read these sources. We will try to generate interesting news and extra-curricular activities to help you through this period, plus tips on how you can interact with your clients.

Rescheduled Practical Training:

There will be a need to reschedule practical training dates. We will do this when we can be a little more confident that any revised dates have a greater chance of going ahead. I realise this doesn’t help when it comes to planning ahead and we would love to reschedule with confidence but that is simply not possible at the moment. We will keep you informed as things change.

Please make sure you continue to read all emails sent to you, and check the announcements posted on Canvas; these will be updated as frequently as necessary and we hope will provide answers to questions most of you are asking.

We look forward to staying in touch with you and wish you well.

Level 3 VTCT Sports Massage Online Course Instructions


Taping for Sport

 Kinesiology and Pre-Competition


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Kinesiology & Pre-competition Taping


This course is divided into two parts comprising 1 day for kinesio-taping and 1 day for pre-competition taping. The training is highly practical whilst also examining the research and principles of taping safely. Much of your time on this course will be spent honing your skills in each of the areas. For therapists working at sports clubs and in a clinical setting, this is an essential skill for your players and clients.

This course forms a compulsory Module towards our Higher Diploma in Sports Therapy, or may be taken as CPD

Includes FREE Starter Taping Kit


Pre-competition Taping 


The principles of taping safely whilst providing adequate support to joints, enabling athletes to return to sport sooner is a valuable skill for your players. We scrutinise the latest materials and research, plus provide you with an abundance of practical training so that you can enhance your expertise and tape joints both ethically and professionally.


Kinesiology Taping 


First developed by Japanese chiropractor and acupuncturist Dr Kenzo Kase in 1979, this form of rehabiltative taping has become much more popular over the last decade. It may be applied to athletes to help prevent injury, add stability to a specific area and improve performance. 



> Entry Requirements

This course is ideal for coaches, trainers, nurses, sports massage practitioners and sports therapists. Although there are no entry requirements, some knowledge of joint function and anatomy will be beneficial and a pre-study pack will be provided to help.

> Course Fees

The fee is £317 including V.A.T. at the current rate, and you may claim 16 credits for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


You may attend this course as part of our Higher Diploma, or for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). If you are attending the course as CPD (16 credits), you will be required to pay the full course fee when applying.

There are 7 modules combining to form our Sports Therapy Award, plus a Clinical Assessment – for details and all course fees, please see our Sports Therapy Award.


> Loyalty & Other Discounts

If you are already a student of our full Level 3 Certificate Course, or our Level 4 Diploma course you will be entitled to a discount of 25% as part of our Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme and a further discount if you select to do all modules on our Higher Diploma course. 

Please contact us for discount terms for booking more than one person and note that you may use only one available discount for each course.

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> Next Taping Course:


HERTFORDSHIRE  - BeActive Clinic, Hertford.


see Course Calendar for all Modular dates



What our students say about this course:


"Jade was fantastic on day one. Very friendly and easy going but knows her stuff and very informative."

"It was great to finally meet you on day two.  Dave has spoken highly of you for sometime now hence me having no hesitation to pay for a course with you and my expectations were met, thank you." - Dawn B

"I found the strapping and taping course a thoroughly interesting and informative experience. It has certainly developed my knowledge and understanding of the necessity for strapping and taping coupled with enhanced knowledge of sports injuries and the link to massage/therapy. I would recommend this course to anyone who works alongside teams/sports individuals and who has an aspiration to work in the practical sports industry." - Deborah S


> Course Syllabus


The training will comprise a heavy emphasis on practical work with demonstrations for taping techniques on all major joints of the body.

Students will enjoy extensive tuition and oppoprtunities to practise. The syllabus includes:

Pre-competition Strapping & Taping (1 Day)

  • Types of tape and application
  • Contra-indications for taping
  • Application to all major joints
  • Integration with Rehabilitation


Kinesiology Taping (1 Day)

  • Types of tape and supporting research
  • Indications for taping
  • Application to all major areas

Course includes handouts, and use of all practice materials and

FREE Starter Taping Kit. For a video preview of the course please click below.

Video - Ankle Taping Demonstration

You will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance upon completing this 2 Day Course.

> Course Structure


The course will start with instruction on all types of taping materials, their properties, when they should be used, how they must be applied, the benefits, and limitations. We will also highlight situations when it is not advisable to tape.

The rest of the training time will comprise of demonstrations and plenty of practise time to hone and perfect your skills on all major joints. A Course Hadnbook will be provided as part of the course.



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Please complete the online booking form whereupon we will confirm receipt and your place on the course.

Course Fees


> £317.00

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