Level 4 Sports Massage Course
Enhance your sports therapy skills and business with Sports Therapy UK by learning how to identify and treat injuries


Soft Tissue Assessment & Advanced Techniques
for the Treatment of Injury


The Sports Therapy UK Level 4 Sports Massage Course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work with a wide range of people from recreational to the elite athlete using comprehensive assessment and advanced treatment techniques to treat and rehabilitate a wide range of conditions. The course is validated by Independent Professional Therapists International for Professional Indemnity insurance.

> Recognition and Awards

Upon successful completion of all elements of our Level 4 sports massage course, you will receive:

  • A VTCT Level 4 Sports Massage Award
  • A Sports Therapy UK Diploma in the Science and Application of Advanced Manual Therapy

A VTCT award is a regulated qualification on Ofqual’s national framework (and equivalent to BTEC Level 5). We can guarantee the regulated status of our qualifications and the significant currency that these carry across Europe. We would encourage you to check the status of any course you wish to enrol on as some providers claim level 5 for courses that are just endorsed, not regulated. Our course covers a breadth of training that incorporates all of the VTCT criteria and thereby leads to the 2 awards listed above.




> Flexible Award Programme

We are the only private training organisation in the UK offering separate level 3 and level 4 sports massage courses. Our unique Flexible Award Programme gives you freedom to progress between the two and with a break of up to 18 months, if you wish. We also offer a substantial discount for booking on our Level 4 course within 2 months of successfully completing your Level 3 practical training - see Flexible Award Programe and Course Fees below for more details.

> Entry Requirements

You must have completed a Level 3 VTCT (or equivalent - see below) qualification in soft tissue massage, be physically able to do the work, have good communication skills and be at least 18 years old. Ideally you will have strong skills and experience in functional anatomy, palpation, joint movements and muscle actions before enrolling on this course. You must also be regularly treating clients.
If you are enrolled on our level 3 sports massage course, you must have successfully completed all parts of the practical training before being eligible to commence level 4.

Please note that we adopt the same criteria for Level 3 qualifications as The Sports Therapy Association and therefore we do not accept qualifications issued by Stonebridge Associated Colleges, Distance Learning Academy, Open Study College, BSY Group, NCFE or ABC awards and Active Health Awards. The STA do not recognise Level 6 Diplomas or Master Diplomas that do not appear on a qualifications framework for any membership category. Membership levels for the Sports Therapy Association are based on the industry agreed National Occupational Standards (NOS)


> Course Dates & Location


HERTFORDSHIRE - BeActive Clinic, Hertford


see Course Calendar for all Modular dates



> Level 4 Taster Day 


For students currently studying towards their Level 3 sports massage course or those who have qualified and who are considering enrolling upon our Level 4 Sports Massage Course, we offer a one day 'taster' day to help you gain a better understanding of the content, structure and training offered on our course. The fee for this one day course is £85 and £25 for anyone attending or attended the Sports Therapy UK Level 3 Sports Massage Course. For more details and to book, click here.

NEXT Taster Day


  • Monday 2nd July 2018


> Course Fees, Interim Payments and Other Costs

To secure your place on the course the course fees may be paid as set out below. You must hold a recognised current level 3 sports massage qualification to enrol at Level 4.

Due to our reduced costs for delivering the practical training on weekdays instead of weekends we are able to offer a £90 reduction in course fees for this option. This will automtically be adjusted when you select your course dates. Exam fees are included, although possible retakes will be charged at the time of sitting.

Visit our level 3 sports massage course page for more information about payment terms and price reductions for combining fees for levels 3 and 4. 

4 Modules (each of 4 weekdays)

1.  In Full - £2096
2.  By deposit of £220 plus payment of £1876 before the start of the course 
3.  By deposit of £220, plus seven monthly interim payments of £268.

8 Weekends

1.  In Full - £2236
2.  By deposit of £220 plus payment of £2016 before the start of the course
3.  By deposit of £220, plus seven monthly interim payments of £288.


Please note that your deposit is non-refundable. If you start your practical training and then withdraw from the course you will still be liable for the full course fee. 


> Flexible Award Programme and Level 4 Discount


Our Flexible Award Programme offers you a fee reduction of £203 for continuing to Level 4 soon after completing your Level 3 practical training. This means you can wait until you finish your practical training at Level 3 before committing yourself or paying any more fees for the next course, and still make a substantial saving. This will enable you to have a better understanding of  the required undertaking before deciding to progress to Level 4.


To take advantage of this offer you must enrol within 2 months of the final day of your Level 3 practical training, and commence any available scheduled Level 4 course within 6 months of the final day of your Level 3 practical training.


Please note:

  • The saving will be deducted from any balance of course fees payable, after enrolling on a Level 4 course.
  • If you choose to pay by interim monthly payments, these will be reduced accordingly.
  • You are eligible for this offer if you are either currently on, or have completed your L3 practical training with Sports Therapy UK
  • If, for any reason you apply to defer your Level 4 practical training after enrolling on a course, your discount will be revoked.
  • You do not need to book your Level 4 place until the end of your Level 3 practical training unless you wish to.


Fees with discount under Flexible Award Programme above.


4 Modules (each of 4 weekdays)

1.  In Full - £1893
2.  By deposit of £220 plus payment of £1673 before the start of the course 
3.  By deposit of £220, plus seven monthly interim payments of £239.

8 Weekends

1.  In Full - £2033
2.  By deposit of £220 plus payment of £1830 before the start of the course
3.  By deposit of £220, plus seven monthly interim payments of £259


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> Course Syllabus


  • The science and practise of manual therapy
  • Advanced functional anatomy & physiology
  • Assessment of posture, joints, muscle imbalances and other conditions
  • Soft tissue trauma, assessment and how massage may help
  • Principles of injury management and rehabilitation from Injury
  • Active, assisted and advanced stretching techniques
  • Assessment of soft tissues and application of advanced techniques
  • Working practise and developing your business
  • Psychology and sports injuries
  • Legal and ethical aspects of professional practice


> Course Benefits


  • Home study - including manual therapy textbook and study guide
  • Practical training comprises 16 days - over either 8 weekends, or 4 modules (each of 4 days) with expert tutors and practitioners
  • Video demonstrations of skills for added support
  • Academic support by phone, email, and post
  • Online library of learning resources
  • Work log and field experience - including attending a choice of sporting competitions organised by Sports Therapy UK
  • VTCT Lifetime Membership
  • VTCT Level 4 Sports Massage Award
  • Sports Therapy UK Sports Massage Practitioner Diploma
  • Option to progress from Level 3 - see Flexible Award Programme

Course instructions and core text books will be provided so that you may plan and implement a system of study at a pace to suit you. A portfolio of evidence must be kept to show all your achievements.


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> Practical Training

Number attending each course: up to 12 students

The course comprises 120 contact hours over 8 weekends or 4 weekday modules each comprising 4 days, and may be continued immediately after your level 3 sports massage courseclick here for upcoming course dates. The practical training is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere from 9.00am to 5.00pm each day and covers the following topics:

  • Manual therapy dimensions and loads of moding
  • Assessment of posture, pelvic alignment, the spine and further musculoskeletal imbalances
  • Trauma, healing and the assessment of soft tissues
  • Neurological stretch reflexes and the effects of manual therapy
  • The science and application of PNF (Post Isometric Relaxation)
  • Soft tissue adaptation and the effects of immobilisation
  • Principles of injury management and rehabilitation from injury
  • Oscillatory stretching: specific soft tissue mobilisations and positional release techniques
  • Connective tissue massage: Soft tissue release and myofascial release
  • Spinal and peripheral Joint mobilisations
  • Fluid dynamics: active muscle pump and lymph drainage
  • Working practise and developing your business: legal and ethical aspects of professional practice

Your skills will be reviewed throughout your practical training to help you towards the final assessment and an oral exam. A personal course handbook will show details of this and all practical assignments as they are completed. You will be required to practice your sports massage skills and to record your findings on treatments carried out.

For Level 3 Certificate course dates that is a pre-requisite for starting our Level 4 Diploma (see Flexible Award Programme below), please go to Certificate Course. To see all Course Dates please click on calendar icon on right.


> Assignments & Examinations

You will be required to take a practical assessment and an oral exam lasting approximately 60 minutes in total. These will take place on the last day of practical training and are usually held at our training venue BeActive Clinic in Hertford.
Field Experience and Case Study
As part of your field experience you will be required to attend at least one competitive sporting event to provide pre and/or post competition sports massage. These events provide invaluable experience and a great boost to confidence. Sports Therapy UK invite you to a range of these events organised throughout the year, including the London Marathon.


You will also be required to undertake and record 6 sports massage treatments on a client and produce an in-depth report on one as a case study. Full instruction will be provided on how to complete these assignments.
Theory Examinations
You may apply to sit the theory examinations on any of the dates offered each year. Fees for examinations and assessments are included, although possible retakes will be charged at the time of sitting.


Course Completion
All exams and course assignments must be completed within 8 months of the final day of your practical training. This will allow you to structure your home study and practise alongside other commitments you may have, to successfully achieve your award. 


Please go to Exams on our Course Dates webpage for dates and application dates.


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> Level 4 Study Day


Level 4 Study Days are for those who have started the practical training for this course and would like to engage in some additional practice and revision. Each Study Day will be structured according to the needs of those students attending, so we begin the day with a brief group discussion where we list all the topics and skills ‘requested’ by each of the participants. Our tutor will then structure a day balanced between instruction and practical demonstrations considering as many of, or all the listed requests. For full details and how to enroll, please go to our Learning Resources.

Next L4 Study Day - Monday 25th June 2018.



> Loyalty & Other Discounts

Once enrolled as a student of our level 4 sports massage course, you will be entitled to a discount of 25% as part of our Customer Loyalty Scheme when progressing on to any of our CPD or level 5 modules.

Please contact us for discount terms for booking more than one person. Note: you may use only one available discount for each course.


> Ready to Enrol?

Please complete the online booking form to book your place on your chosen course dates. You will receive a confirmation of booking and we will then be in touch by phone or email to organise the next steps.

If you have any questions, email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us 01438 718755.


Ways to Learn


The practical training takes place over 8 weekends.


This follows 4 more at Certificate Level 3 giving a combined total of 12 weekends if you are starting with no prior training or experience.


Course Location



We run our courses from the BeActive Clinic in Hertford, near London. Easy access by car and train and only 20 miles from both Luton and Stansted airports.


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VTCT Course


  • Level 4 VTCT Award
  • Sports Therapy UK Diploma

Course Fees


> From £2096


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Course Location



We run our courses from the BeActive Clinic in Hertford, near London. Easy access by car and train and only 20 miles from both Luton and Stansted airports.


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